A makeover for a beauty industry leader

A new optimized website, partnered with a Facebook Business page establishes a strong online presence. Refreshed packaging with new user manuals, print ads and brochures makes sure that the Tanda brand also reaches consumers who aren’t necessarily on the Internet. This holistic approach positions Tanda right where they want to be and reinforces their status as an industry leader. Tanda is a leader in the skin care and beauty industry, offering wide-ranging solutions for skin care, hair removal and teeth whitening with their LED Light Therapy System.

Introduce your brand to a wider audience

Tanda was looking for targeted marketing strategies that would help them expand their business and widen their reach to consumers. This would require increasing their brand voice and making their products more accessible to the general public.

Put your best face forward!

A series of marketing initiatives, including efforts ranging from print manuals to billboards and package design would address target markets to ensure maximum reach.

Be where the target market is

A new website, and a Facebook Business page established a strong online presence, which when combined with refreshed packaging, new user manuals, print ads and brochures made sure that the Tanda brand reached consumers across all channels.

Monitor results to maximize opportunity

Marketing efforts were analyzed on a continual basis to ensure that they were cost-effective while achieving targeted results. As a result, highly successful ad campaigns were reinforced and ways were found to maximize economies while increasing market reach.