Find your ideal real estate agent online

An innovative website that uses cutting-edge technology combined with stunning graphics to match consumers with their ideal real estate agent. A profile-based matching system allows consumers to communicate anonymously with agents to decide who could give them the best deal. They only reveal their contact information once they choose an agent to work with. The advantage for agents is that the system puts them anonymously in touch with potential clients, thereby removing the prospect of relying solely on referrals or cold calling for business. Sundaybell Inc. is a Toronto-based company that helps consumers find qualified real estate agents online.

Communicate online to make a connection

The challenge was to create a system through which consumers could search for and vet real estate agents online, anonymously and without any obligation. It should also provide a platform for agents and realtors to be able to communicate with potential clients and showcase their services.

Find your perfect match

In order to service both clients and agents effectively, the website would have to create profiles of both in order to find suitable matches. It would also need to have a chat function that allows for anonymous communication between parties until an agreement has been reached to work together.

From vision to reality

The Sundaybell website employs the latest technology to create a profile-based matching system that enables consumers and agents to communicate anonymously with one another. Identities are only revealed once an agreement has been reached to work together. In addition, consumers can use three innovative tools to define their agent search:

  • With the SelectAnAgent® tool, consumers can use Sundaybell to contact agents they know of with whom they would like to work.
  • The AgentBlasters® tool sends out a consumer’s profile to all agents with matching profiles.
  • Using the BuyerBlasters® tool, homebuyers can tell agents about the type and location of property they’re looking for.

A large library of informative articles about real estate, and how to go about finding and working with agents provides visitors with a valuable resource as they go about their search.

For real estate agents and realtors, the Sundaybell system offers more than just a way to connect with potential clients; they can grow their businesses by using Sundaybell’s ReferralBlasters® tool. With ReferralBlasters®, they can connect with real estate professionals across Canada and the United States to maximize referral commissions.

Connect, communicate and save

Sundaybell’s innovative approach to matching homebuyers and sellers with real estate professionals created a real buzz in the industry. From the profile-based matching system to being able to negotiate terms anonymously online and custom tools, Sundaybell sets a new standard in searching for real estate professionals.