Residential Energy Services Network – Professional

Creating a modern and elegant look for America’s home energy experts

Stylish, consumer-friendly branding, starting with a new logo and badges for Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) members that resonates with clients was created for and integrated into ads, business cards, stationery, and brochures. A suite of customizable Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index tools allows RESNET builder partners to brand brochures and yard signs with their logos and company information when promoting their HERS-rated homes. A customized app for RESNET Annual Conferences enables home energy professionals to personalize their experiences and make the most of every conference. RESNET Home Energy Professionals are now equipped with resources that both appeal to and provide valuable information to not only their customers but to their own organizations as well.

RESNET Conference App

Make it attractive and make it memorable!

Accentuating brand appeal means creating a style and look that is recognizable and appealing to your target market. In the case of RESNET, that meant overhauling the existing look and developing something new, fresh and modern. It meant revamping an image that consumers had grown accustomed to, and making it more relevant and appealing, as well as helping RESNET members and partner promote their businesses.

Reinforcing brand identity and value

New logos, business cards, stationery and brochures, all branded with refreshed imagery and colors that are instantly recognizable as RESNET are what RESNET members need in order to differentiate themselves from their competition in a major way. Also needed are marketing tools they can use to grow their businesses.

RESNET Stationary

A makeover that suits the times

RESNET received a complete brand makeover, starting with a new logo and dedicated brand colors. These were used as the jumping-off point for customized logos for each home energy professional branch, branded business cards and stationery, brochures and ads. A range of HERS branded tools, consisting of customizable yard signs; brochures and a consumer-oriented video were made available to RESNET members and builder partners to help them market their services and properties. To further the sense of brand identity and promote the RESNET brand culture, a custom app was created for RESNET annual conferences, which attendees could personalize according to interests and schedule.

Standing out from the crowd

RESNET’s new look quickly helped reinforce the organization’s reputation as the leading authority for home energy efficiency in the United States. Armed with branded resources and recognized credibility, RESNET members are growing their businesses across America and increasing awareness for home energy efficiency, while RESNET builder partners are effectively promoting their HERS-rated homes.