Residential Energy Services Network – Consumer

Committed to building a more energy efficient America

A complete revamping of RESNET’s entire image transformed the existing website from a professionally oriented, industrial one to an appealing, consumer-friendly design with innovative interactive features that engage and educate users about the value of working with RESNET professionals. A microsite about the Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) Index, which was created by RESNET and is the industry standard for measuring home energy efficiency, delivers a completely immersive, entertaining experience that educates and informs visitors about the HERS Index. RESNET is a non-profit organization based in California working to educate Americans about home energy efficiency.

How you talk to your audience makes a difference

The challenge was to take an existing website that was geared mainly towards RESNET members, and transform it into a consumer-friendly vehicle through which certified RESNET home energy professionals and their services could be promoted. In addition, RESNET needed to promote the HERS Index, and encourage homeowners and buyers to ask about HERS Index scores for new and existing homes.

Make them want to engage with you

In order to reach out to consumers, the industrial style of the website needed to change. A fresh and modern look was required, with innovative interactive features that would engage and educate users on the value of home energy efficiency. In addition, a dedicated area for RESNET members should allow them to manage their member accounts and take advantage of resources available to RESNET members. A social media presence needed to be established, allowing RESNET to reach out and talk to their audience. For the HERS Index, the most effective method to educate consumers about what it is and the value a HERS Index Score delivers to homeowners and buyers would be via a dedicated microsite of its own.

CMA website

Building brand equity by delivering value

The website redesign overhauled RESNET’s entire image by showcasing the value that the organization delivers to both consumers and members. The existing member-oriented website was transformed into a dual purpose one to serve both audiences. The new design set the tone with RESNET’s brand colours, and makes outstanding use of visuals to convey information and attract consumer interest. On the professional side, RESNET members can sign-in via the member portal, where they can:

Manage and edit profile and account settings.

Set email notifications for services such as membership renewal notices.

Renew membership and pay annual membership fees.

Access marketing materials and tools to help them grow their business.

Social media profiles were created on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, through which RESNET communicates with and engages a steadily growing audience. A dedicated HERS microsite was created, which educates consumers about what the HERS Index is and how it works. An accompanying video was created (placed on YouTube) that explains the HERS Index to consumers to a larger audience.

An energy efficient home is a happy home!

The new-look website has seen a dramatic increase in traffic, which continues to grow steadily. Engagement on social media has skyrocketed, with audience numbers going from 0 to 7,000 for Facebook, and 0 to 1,800 on Twitter over the course of a year. The HERS Index microsite has attracted a lot of attention, with the number of HERS ratings increasing continuously since the launch of the microsite and the ongoing social media campaign.