National Hockey League Players’ Association

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A clean crisp look that perfectly complemented the NHLPA brand was created for the NHLPA’s new website. The striking design was accompanied by an enhanced user experience that allowed visitors and fans to access specialized content including videos, insider stories and player tweets to name but a few. The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) was created in 1967 and is the union representing professional hockey players in the National Hockey League (NHL).

The challenge was to give the NHLPA an updated website that not only encompassed a modern look and feel, but would also be able to handle and process the large volume of traffic that they were getting on a daily basis.

NHLPA Website

Setting up the play

The refreshed website would consist of a modern design with a fresh look and feel. It would handle large volumes of traffic, content and deal with an expanded social media presence. In addition, the website should provide a better overall user experience and integrate seamlessly with multiple internal databases.

Going on the offensive with better design and functionality

The new NHLPA website was designed and developed as a media-style site that delivers an improved user experience. It includes a high number of content pages (articles, photos and videos) and is optimized to provide quick page loads, easily handle traffic spikes and deal with high concurrent usage. The CMS allowed for a seamless integration with multiple internal database systems and for content to be easily moved from Dev/Staging to Live site. Furthermore, the website was Search Engine Optimized and tightly integrated with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in order to maximize social media presence.

NHLPA Website

A fan’s dream come true!

With features such as insider videos, up-to-the-moment player tweets and a trade tracker just to name a few, the revamped NHLPA website is everything a hockey fan could want and more. The new website was rigorously tested for responsiveness and can easily handle up to 50,000 concurrent hits. By allowing Facebook and Twitter to build profile cards, social media performance has skyrocketed, resulting in ongoing engagement and interaction for fans that are following their favourite players and teams.