Lumen Dynamics

Brand illumination for a leader in light delivery systems

A comprehensive rebranding that leverages existing brand equity to launch a revitalized and modern identity. The vibrant new look translates powerfully across multiple marketing levels, from a reinvigorated online presence to redesigned product lines and corporate branding. Prominent showcasing is given to the numerous awards won by Lumen Dynamics for excellence, further reinforcing their position as a global leader in their industry. Lumen Dynamics was founded in 1984 and is an established global leader in the design and creation of innovative light delivery solutions.

Showcase what makes your brand stand out

The challenge was to demonstrate, in a highly impactful way, how Lumen Dynamics is a global leader in their industry and the excellence of their product lines.

Shining a spotlight on excellence

High-profile marketing materials, visually stunning imagery combined with informative copy would attract attention to the brand. This should be followed up on with supportive elements that placed an emphasis on product lines, and brand excellence.

LDGI print

Presenting the brand in a whole new light

The highly impactful, redesigned website clearly demonstrates that Lumen Dynamics is the global brand leader in the design and creation of innovative light delivery solutions. Showcasing product lines and providing in-depth information about capabilities, it is the ideal platform through which Lumen Dynamics is able to promote their brand. Striking print and web-based ads placed prominently in industry-related magazines, as well as on the website, draw the eye intuitively towards the many accolades the company has won for excellence.

LDGI website

Demonstrating brand value and growing brand equity

Lumen Dynamic’s new digital presence reinforced their role as the global brand leader for light delivery systems by effectively highlighting their products and achievements.

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