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A combination of engaging infographics packed with relevant information, and two incredibly powerful tools to help kids explore, understand and celebrate their unique identities. The animated Coming Out Stories page lets young people who are thinking of coming out hear from other young people who have already been through the experience. The Gender-Bread World module is a highly engaging, innovative rich media experience that enables children to explore gender identities in positive and comforting manner. Kids Help Phone is a free, anonymous and confidential phone and online professional counseling service for youth.

Free to discover and be who you are

The challenge was to create a safe and friendly environment where young people could feel free to explore, and learn about gender identity issues. It had to be fun, engaging and educational while remaining sensitive to the nature of the subject. Kids Help Phone also wanted to provide young people who were considering coming out with a supportive resource, where they could hear from their peers who had already gone through the experience.

Kids Help Phone: Coming Out

Explore, discover and find support

The Gender-Bread World helps young people learn about sexuality and gender by entering into a non-threatening, gingerbread themed virtual world. Here, they can create Gender-Bread avatars of themselves, and view Gender-Bread people created by others. The avatars can be personalized with a range of identities (i.e., Cisgender, Trans, Gender queer, etc.), letting users create representations of who they feel they really are. The animated Coming Out Stories page is a cool, empowering tool that helps young people come to terms with their sexual orientation by hearing from peers who have already been there. An accompanying infographic titled Coming Out Tips can also be downloaded and shared.

In a world where adults struggle with gender identity issues and the question of sexuality, for children the challenge is that much greater. It was important to create a space where young people could safely explore these complex matters, while protecting their identities.

Gender Bread Maker

A place where everyone belongs

Young people seeking guidance, or support and help with gender and sexual identity issues now have a valuable resource in the Kids Help Phone’s Coming Out Stories page and the Gender-Bread World. They are safe environments that young people can visit anytime, without having to reveal who they are, and find information and guidance to help them with any gender-based or sexual identity issues they might be struggling with.