Engaging and educating at the same time.

Ceridian is a global human capital management technology company that offers recruiting, staffing, and payroll solutions to Canadian businesses. High-impact product demo/teaser videos were created to support Ceridian’s Powerpay payroll solution, Business Intelligence reporting tool and the mobile app for its LifeWorks employee assistance program.

The kind of attention that gets you noticed

The challenge was to find an engaging and memorable way to demonstrate the key benefits of Ceridian’s Powerpay payroll solution, Ceridian Business Intelligence reporting tool, and their LifeWorks Mobile App to potential customers.

Relevancy through improved design and functionality

The website would be completely redesigned to best utilize content provided by members and present it in an attractive, and easy to use manner. Making it responsive would enable users to interact with the website whenever and from wherever they chose. Added features were incorporated that would enhance the overall user experience and demonstrate the value that the CMA delivers to its members.

Make it fun, entertaining and informative!

Short, engaging videos that combine strong messaging with creative visuals grab attention and generate real interest in a company’s products. In Ceridian’s case, rich media demos for each product would leverage them to potential customers seeking product information by demonstrating key benefits and providing a walkthrough of functionality and features.

It’s not about watching a video, it’s about having an experience

Each video was carefully crafted to be visually stunning while delivering a comprehensive demonstration of each product’s key benefits. By showcasing all that the Ceridian products offered, the videos provided business owners with the knowledge needed to make an informed purchase decision.

Reaction to the videos was overwhelmingly positive, and when Ceridian analyzed customers’ feedback, they found that the reach and effect in regard to their overall marketing goals was highly successful.