Blanco Canada

Virtual solutions for a virtual world

German high-end sink manufacturer BLANCO was looking for ways to enhance their Canadian customers’ shopping experience by enabling them to virtually experience BLANCO’s product palette. BLANCO wanted to take advantage of the latest technology to enable customers to make sink selections and combine them with countertops, all without having to step foot in a showroom. Also, every year BLANCO puts out a catalogue of their newest collection and products. To promote the new line and support the catalogue, an ad is placed in a leading house and home magazine.

Creating desire with a touch of glamour

The challenge was to create a platform that would allow consumers to experiment with styles and models prior to purchase, while facilitating virtual interaction with more than 150 BLANCO Silgranit® Sinks and countertops to better envision the product in the consumers’ home.

For the catalogue, the challenge lay in taking an industrial product line and marketing it as a highly desirable luxury item. The marketing approach needed to reflect BLANCO’s status as a high-end sink manufacturer.

Blanco book

Building brand excitement through targeted marketing

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for shopping. In fact, statistics show that 4 out 5 consumers now use their smartphones to shop. With mobile marketing on the rise, creating an app that would let consumers browse BLANCO’s considerable catalogue of sinks, faucets and accessories on the go was clearly the best solution.

The catalogue would give consumers something concrete that they could study in detail, with designs and specifications for all BLANCO sink ranges. The ad, placed in a magazine geared towards the target market, would ensure significant brand exposure and generate interest for the new product lines.

Customize your kitchen in the palm of your hand

The BLANCO Silgranit® Sink Selector iOS app was designed as a free download that was easy to use yet packed with powerful functionality. A comprehensive search function, based on size, style and detailed dimensions, plus colour matching, and retailer locator enabled consumers to source products immediately online. And by using the sophisticated in-app camera feature, they could upload a picture of a countertop to complement their sink selection.

Blanco app

A sophisticated and stylish catalogue was created to fully complement the elegant artistry and unmatched quality of BLANCO sinks. Available in English and French, the catalogue also includes an Addendum pertaining to discontinued products and ranges from the previous year. An elegant magazine ad supported the catalogue and highlighted BLANCO’s innate sense of style and fashion.

More downloads, more demand

Launched initially only for iOS, the popularity of the app proved to be so great that an Android version was created to satisfy popular demand.

For the catalogue, an intense and comprehensive quality assurance process was executed at every level to ensure for a professional and polished product. This process was naturally extended to the French version of the catalogue as well, where special care was taken to ensure there were no language errors in the content.